There is power in the questions that we ask our people because it determines what we get to know of them, but even more importantly, because it shapes how they see their days and the way they put the world together.

I asked my daughter where she saw God at school today. I hadn’t asked her that way before, and as she sat quietly thinking, a small panic set in. “Oh no, she isn’t going to grasp what I’m asking her, and she’s going to think she will never see Him,” but I waited and gave her the space to let her find it. “I saw God at recess because recess was fun with my friends.” “Yep Sam, because recess was fun, and our God is kind. He wants you to have a full life. You did see God at recess.” Her eyes sparkled like she was the smartest kid in the car, and what that glimmer said to me is these are building blocks. We are training eyes to see, and building the narrative so that their minds naturally look for God everywhere.

So what can we be asking? Here are some places to start:

Where did you see God today?
What was said today that you want to talk about?
What felt like God’s kindness to you today?
How did you help a friend today?
How did someone help you today?
What were you thankful for today?
Where did you say yes to God today?

I bet you will be surprised by what your kids come up with. Be brave and ask the questions. If they have trouble answering, start to point out some things that would help them to see their days this way, and try again. We are training eyes to see, and as we do we lead our own eyes to see Him as well.


Kirstin Ricketts