Free flowing grace…it comes like rain on my dry and weary soul.  

It seals the gaps between who I am and who God made me to be.  

Free flowing grace…it is available in each moment.  

It comes from looking up to your Creator.

When the world says you are not enough…free flowing grace says, “Come as you are.”

When we get a glimpse, the thought that it is something we could earn is preposterous.  

It is more freeing that can be fathomed until you live in it and it becomes the way you live.

It splashes on your friends and the ones you love most. It covers your highs and lows.  

Free flowing grace becomes the current that carries you through the day.  

It becomes the lens through which you see others, and eventually, the lens through which you see yourself.  

Free flowing grace comes from one source: the Author of all grace, the Creator and Sustainer of all grace.  

Free flowing grace is a gift. It is ours for the taking.  

In free flowing grace there is power, justice, and mercy.

Free flowing grace cannot be misused. It heals what it touches…it refines and brings life.  

Free flowing grace brings me to my knees and then allows me to rise.  

It makes me new…unrecognizable to myself.

Free flowing grace was the ultimate plan of the God of ultimate love.  

Free flowing grace allowed Jesus, God made man, to remain quiet as He was led to be crucified. His ultimate act releases free flowing grace for you and for me.  

It is yours and it is mine because it is His for each of us. Now and forever.

You will find grace at the end of yourself. When you live like there is more than you, you will find all you need, all you were meant to be, in Him.