If you asked me how I felt, for weeks I have been saying, “It’s just all so weird.” I couldn’t quantify what was happening all around us and even in my heart. 

As I listened to a talk and the speaker said, “It’s okay to let all of your feelings sit at the table at the same time.” It felt like permission. It felt like freedom because I’ve been feeling so conflicted. 

What does it mean?

It means that I can love being with my kids and really hate homeschooling them. It means I can trust God with the future and feel anxious when the store shelves are empty. It means I can need to be alone to sort out my thoughts while also needing to feel connected. It means I can be heartbroken over social injustice and unsure of the presented solutions. 

It’s okay to feel all of the things. We can invite them all to sit at the table. 

Writing out the list felt like freedom because it gives us eyes to see what we have been carrying- all at the same time. 

You might start your list with the prompt:  I can love (____), while also (____). I can feel (____), while also (____). 

There have been a lot of moving parts to this period of time. We may need to sit with it all for a while, acknowledging we were never meant to be the ones who reconcile it, this life we live was never meant to be all there is, and there is One who we can choose to trust with all of it forever. We can invite Him to the table. 

What are you carrying? Let’s give it some space to breathe and lay it all down.