“Do I want to own this?” It’s a great phrase to repeat to yourself when you clean out your house, but it also reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend. 

She said, “If that person knew the train wreck I am like you do, she would use the emergency exit.”


You know those things we repeat to ourselves…often a little funny, sometimes self-deprecating, but not necessarily what you would want to believe in your heart of hearts to be true? 

I believe it’s time to consider, “Do I want to own this?” A lot of us may need to clean house when it comes to the things we say to and about ourselves. It’s time to get rid of the thoughts we don’t want to own, to literally stop ourselves from saying them. Often these things go unchecked and unnoticed. These patterns need to change. Let’s clean them up and clear them out.

I needed to examine my “self-talk” too. I thought I was simply hard on myself, having high expectations. Upon examination, I had some patterns to break. When I would say these things out loud, my friend would say casually, “Be nice to my friend.” She asked me if I would say those things to someone else. I never would; they were hurtful. “Well then, be nice to my friend,” she followed up. 

It makes me want to see myself the way God sees me, His child, and to treat that child well.  I must… “Be nice to His child.” It leads me to be more careful with the words I speak to myself.

“Do I want to own this?” While you are cleaning out after quarantine, consider the words you tell yourself. Make sure you want to own those too. 

Prepare space for fresh, new things. Clear out that headspace. Let’s make room for what’s to come. God has good things ahead. I believe it.


Kirstin Ricketts