If you are a mom or dad, you might remember when your baby took their first steps. Or if not, you have probably seen a video of a chunky legged, wobbly, one year old taking a few baby steps before tumbling to the ground with drooly smiles and everyone getting excited. Those baby steps are so fun to watch! It’s fun because that little person is doing something new and brave. That baby is trying. And the trying leads to a few steps… then a few more… and then they are off. Does it mean no more stumbles? Nope. Skinned knees come with growth. But isn’t that the goal? Okay, maybe not skinned knees, but the chance for progress…. for growth.


Personal growth is exciting, but the baby steps to get there are tough.


Maybe there is something in your life right now that feels similar to brave first steps. Perhaps it’s something on your New Year’s list of resolutions you are attempting. Maybe it’s running. Maybe it’s starting a new career or a change in family dynamics. Perhaps it’s stopping an addiction or behavior. Maybe it’s taking a first attempt at figuring out who Jesus is. Whatever it is, take the baby steps. It starts there.


There is no need to feel as though you have to start perfectly. Just start. Those first steps are hard and brave and exciting, and I believe that God gets just as excited about them as we do. Just like a father clapping for his wobbly child, God claps for our beginnings. And just like we help our children up when they fall, God will solidify and strengthen you in your weakness and will help you continue on. Here’s to the baby steps friends. Be encouraged today. HLLF –

Melissa Cheatham