What type of invitation are you sending to God? Is He on your “casual get together” list? Is He more like a pen pal? You find it interesting to hear from Him, so you send Him a letter, hoping you will receive one in return. Maybe you invite Him to visit, to see a picture of your life and then you send Him home? Do you send Him invitations to special events, weddings, funerals, births, and baptisms? He gets to eat the little sandwiches and then is sent away. He’s reliable; you know He will come to the next event when you send the invitation, but until then He is sent away.

Could our invitation to God be more like the one you give to your favorite grandmother? Rather than inviting God into particular circumstances, what if our invitation was “come anytime.” Rather than entering and exiting on special occasions and only inviting Him into the living room, what if we invited God to continually intersect our lives? What if we invited Him to open the cabinets and make Himself at home?

Could we live that way?

Can we invite God in and then ask Him to stay? Where our life becomes an open invitation for Him to come and reside…where it has no ending point, but we are continually inviting Him into our moment-by-moment.

We can think of prayer as asking or as worship…but more than that, prayer is an invitation. It’s inviting God to intersect our lives. When we ask for help, we often don’t ask until we are at the end of ourselves. When we stop to praise, it may be because we notice His glory, or it may just be a time set apart for worship, like on Sunday morning.

Let’s send God an open invite. Let’s invite Him to intersect our moment-by-moment, as if our lives were an open house, and He was invited.


Kirstin Ricketts