As I watched my five-year-old ask me letter by letter how to spell the words for his card, it made my heart smile. 

“You are so brave to get baptized.”

He was right. That was brave. 

My 85-year-old grandmother got baptized last weekend in my mother’s swimming pool. She wasn’t sure if she was baptized as a child. No one had ever mentioned it, so she thought it was time. 

As she stood and told the kids about a friend who had invited her to church and how she remembers, as a child, laying in her bed, contemplating, then believing, “I think God is real,” my kids hung on her every word. 

You know what was brave in that moment? My grandmother, humbling herself enough to say, “I haven’t done everything God has asked me to do,” and saying yes. Her obedience was brave. 

What is God asking you to do? 

Is it to try again? Is it to go back to church or ask Him again for the prayer you feel He has left unanswered? Is it to forgive and let go of past hurt? 

Following God, I am finding, is less about my following and more about letting Him take over. It’s saying yes after yes to His plans and purposes. It may look like we know where we are headed, but we just know Who we are headed towards. He is faithful and kind. He is full of mercy and always willing to let us try again. He smiles at our obedience because He knows when we let Him take over, we will find that we have arrived at our destination. Our God’s destination is a full life of purpose, joy and peace. 

When things get confusing, it’s often because I have taken back control, and it gives me the opportunity again to be brave, tell God yes, and let Him take over. You are carried and helped, provided for and sustained. It’s the life where you know, God has got this and He has got you, today and for forever. You are free.