I remember 911. My investment class was abruptly canceled and the nation sat glued to our television sets as we watched how life can change, how history can change in seconds, and it all can make us feel so helplessly out of control. 

Out of control. It’s likely how many of us feel right now. Devastation is seemingly everywhere and we may wonder how much of what we read about the solutions are even true anymore. Widespread and personal loss, tragedy on a large scale and on the closest personal scale that we don’t dare to whisper.  

Where do we go with the losses? Where can we take the instability? Where can we find the truth?  

Since the beginning of time, the God of the universe, the Creator of all things, has been whispering into tragedy. To men in the fire, women at the well and at the sick beds of the old and young, He will redeem all things. As we wait, we can let Him redeem our hearts. 

I believe that if those we lost in 911 could tell us one thing it would be that there is hope and it is found in the saving belief and reliance upon the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and life. 

Yes, we rally around our nation. We stand for the United States of America. But we first kneel before the throne of the Creator of the Universe, Author of the seen and unseen, the One who intimately knows you and cares about your story. He does not stand at a distance watching your heart crumble, but He invites you to come, to learn from Him and find rest for your soul. 

I do believe that if there is one thing those we lost in 911 could tell you, it would be there is freedom, and it is found when we yield our hearts to God. He wants you to know Him. He will speak to you through His Word. You. Yes, even you. Ask Him what He wants you to know. Ask Him to compel your heart towards Him. 

Bravery and courage defined the emergency responders that put themselves in harm’s way on 911. Today we grieve with those who grieve,  we remember the lost, and we cling to the One who is our hope forever.  

If your heart aches that this world is such a mess, you are right. It is. But you were created for forever, and your life doesn’t end here. 

Ask God to teach you how to find security in Him for today and for forever, where freedom will ring for eternity.