A couple of years ago Teddy walked into our room fighting back sobs. He was trying to make it through the night in underwear and 90% of the time he was making it…but not that night. Mad, the tears ran down his cheeks and he audibly wailed as I walked him down the hallway holding his little hand.

We cleaned him up and I sat him on my lap. “Buddy, you are an underwear kid. I believe in you and you can do this.” His tears quieted and he leaned into me.

I see God do this for my heart. I see Him whisper to me who I am before I feel it myself. “You are mine, my child. There is nothing to fear. This is what I created you for.”

I hear Him whisper truth even when I am not there yet. God sees who I am becoming and He believes it for me even when I can’t yet see where things are headed.

We put Teddy’s jammies on and when I went to change his sheets but they were dry. No this wasn’t a Jesus parted the Red Sea miracle story…as I felt the sheets to double check I looked over at Teddy.
“I sleep in Graham’s bed.” Teddy’s sheets were only dry because he had been sleeping in his brother’s bed…Graham’s sheets were not so lucky.
Sweet Graham…he will let you try a million times…and I have found our God will too.

When God looks at us, He sees His creation. He sees who we are becoming. He isn’t surprised when we have to start over and try again…but let’s make sure that we do.

As His children, we proceed towards victory when we claim His truth from the position of power God has given us as His dearly loved children. Sometimes for me that sounds like, “God I believe you.” I don’t need to discover who I am, God tells me who I am and I am His.

Sometimes I need my God to tell me what is true when I can’t see it myself. In His kindness, He will. We can proceed in the confidence that we are His and we can trust Him. Even if we can’t see where things are headed yet. God knows and he is ready to help. Trust Him more than you trust yourself. Let Him help you.

It’s the best way to live today, tomorrow, forever.